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Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse Assassinated By Hit Men

Jovenel Moïse , 53,was killed in his home early Wednesday morning, according to authorities. His wife and Haiti's first lady, Martine, was shot and injured as well. She was reportedly in stable but critical condition and has been sent to Miami for treatment.

Just hours after the attack at Moïse's home, Haiti's police chief announced that, following what appeared to be a hostage-taking situation, four suspects were fatally shot by police and two others arrested.

Léon Charles, the police chief, said three police officers were held hostage but have since been freed.

Authorities say the gunmen responsible for Moïse's killing were likely mercenaries. They have not officially released names of suspects in the attack.

Before he was assassinated, the presidents enemies tried to have him remove from office, claiming he was improperly attempting to extend his presidency.

Moïse was not well-liked in the country and was overall rated fairly low by citizens, according to Garry Pierre-Pierre, founder of The Haitian Times, who spoke to Morning Edition early Thursday.

Before he was handpicked by the previous president, Moïse worked in agriculture as a banana exporter.

He took office in 2017 after a protracted and contested election. But once in office, his leadership was no less chaotic.

Moïse had stripped rival political parties, businesspeople and prominent families of power. He made a lot of enemies, according to François Pierre-Louis, an expert on Haitian politics at Queens College at the City University of New York.

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