National Shortage Of Chicken Wings


Food prices are spiking across the country and meat products are some of the hardest hit, including chicken wings. ... Restaurateurs face a increase on meat costs: there's plenty of chicken for meat, but processing plants are short-staffed and can't keep up with demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, many people are having trouble returning to full production because of a nationwide labor shortage.

Some items effected include:

*Chicken wings and other meat products



*Freezers, washers and appliances

*New bicycles

Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison told "Cavuto Coast to Coast"

Tuesday that due to shortage and soaring costs of chicken, the company is launching "Thighstop" as a more affordable alternative.

"Thighstop" is a virtual version of the restaurant that's delivering crispy chicken thighs via DoorDash for a limited time only.


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