Nivea Tells WBLS Black Artists Were Told To Portray Themselves As Single To Be More Marketable

Nivea Interviewed with The Jasmine Brand on BET's "Encore" and spoke about how record labels were back in the day. During the conversation Nivea said that brands advised her to portray herself as being a single woman. Saying they also suggested she keep her family on the low to be more marketable.

"In the beginning of my career any artist, guys and females, they wanted you to seem available. They wanted their fans to think they has a chance with your, especially at your shows and stuff. So if 'say your married' they cant live out the fantasy... it wasn't cute to have your baby on your hip... now it helps careers."

later on saying this mainly applied to black female artist over their white counterparts.

"Its also a color thing. Black women are being allotted more freedoms now and some of the judgements are being taken off of us but a lot still exists but in the beginning of my career if another race of girl had a spose or a baby it wasn't looked down upon or 'they weren't told' we don't know how to market you anymore"

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