Subway's Tuna Accused Of Having No Trace Of Tuna


A recent lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against #subway alleges the “tuna” for the chain’s sandwiches and wraps are not tuna.

A rep of Subway said the claims are without merit. The tuna sold is wild-caught, the company says.

A lab test set up by the New York Time was said to have detected no tuna DNA in 60 inches of tuna sandwiches that were examined. The experiment included sandwiches from three Subway shops in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for the lab told the Times two potential reasons tuna was not detected in the sample: "One it’s so heavily processed that whatever we could pull out, we couldn’t make an identification … Or we got some and there’s just nothing there that’s tuna."

The chain continued to maintain its restaurants "serve 100% wild-caught, cooked tuna, which is mixed with mayonnaise and used in freshly made sandwiches wraps and salads."

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